I can hardly recall the number of times that my brother – an amazingly talented writer and playwright – has told me to write. I can also hardly recall the number of times that I began then stopped diary writing. I am not old but I am not young… and yet I am totally new…Read more »

Revelations (Part 1)

Earlier this year, I had my first Ifá yearly reading from a well-respected and kind (the soothing kind, the appeasing kind, the warm kind) Babalawo (who also happens to be one of my closest sister friend’s cousin… the world is but a small place). For those who may not be familiar with Ifá, Wikipedia lays…Read more »

Is our creative offering enough?

I think I can earnestly say that I have somewhat been at odds with my (professional) self so far this year. Yes, the statement is blunt. True yet probably a tad exaggerated but hopefully not definitive. At least… I think.  There is something healthy about wanting to do something that will attract and if possible…Read more »

Can We Talk About The Brothers?

Over the past few months (although I would have to admit that my informal research study began a number of years ago!), I have come to realise or rather accept that my professional relationship to and with men has significantly stalled. As one of my constant source of bemoaning and a (uniquely) bottomless pit of…Read more »

Ma Sé

As much as “black girl magic” and “sisterhood” have (also) become recurrent hashtags and trendy crutch words, they have both expanded and delineated the realm of our strength. The use of these terms has significantly shifted the common belief that we need to be guided by one but rather are geared at praising, celebrating, elevating each other and in more ways than one.

Reading OurSelves

As nebulous and constantly evolving in its very nature as culture is, one often wonders how best to nurture and pass on the desire and curiosity for learning more about “it”. Culture invades, permeates, flows in and out, then defines, transforms, and very surreptitiously normalises ideas, behaviours, postures. How do we dissect Culture? Where do…Read more »