Akwaba. A Warm Welcome to Kadara. This. Is. Fate

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I can hardly recall the number of times that my brother – an amazingly talented writer and playwright – has told me to write. I can also hardly recall the number of times that I began then stopped diary writing. I am not old but I am not young… and yet I am totally new at this. New, uncertain, inapt and vulnerable… yet excited, willing and perhaps most importantly, earnest.

This blog is the written embodiment of my current life. I have become over the course of 2017, a full-fledged mother of a tiny yet growing gem, a full-fledged entrepreneur building a name in a very niche market, a concerned and somewhat grieving daughter, a somewhat Missing In Action yet stubbornly loyal friend and confident, an even more independent woman based in a quaint, africana-deprived and conservative French city not far from the capital, a resolutely driven and unapologetic cultural activist and…. a blogger…

A Blogger who is not quite sure how each of her monthly articles will form the basis for a coherent body of read. My travel experiences across shades of the African Continent and the Caribbean, or even in patches of the diaspora, my encounters with like-minded and not so like-minded souls, my creative splurge, my newly acquired status brought through conceiving and releasing a human being out of my body and into the world.

Life (Style), Travel & Creativity. Welcome to Kadara, the Blog.

This. is. Fate.

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